Minus their greens, left to right: the Caesar Salad With Chicken from the Cheesecake Factory; the Quesadilla Explosion Salad from Chili’s Grill & Bar; the Waldorf Salad from California Pizza Kitchen. (T.J. Kirkpatrick/For The Washington Post)

As the world population grows, we have a pressing need to eat better and farm better, and those of us trying to figure out how to do those things have pointed at lots of different foods as problematic. Almonds, for their water use. Corn, for the monoculture. Beef, for its greenhouse gases. In each of those cases, there’s some truth in the finger-pointing, but none of them is a clear-cut villain.

There’s one food, though, that has almost nothing going for it. It occupies precious crop acreage, requires fossil fuels to be shipped, refrigerated, around the world, and adds nothing but crunch to the plate.

It’s salad, and here are three main reasons why we need to rethink it.

Salad vegetables are pitifully low in nutrition. The biggest thing wrong with salads is lettuce, and the biggest thing wrong with lettuce is that it’s a leafy-green waste of resources.

In July, when I wrote 출장오피걸 on the calories-per-acre metric, a number of people wrote to tell me I was ignoring nutrition. Which I was. Not because nutrition isn’t important, but because we get all the nutrition we need in a fraction of our recommended daily calories, and filling in the rest of the day’s food is a job for crops like corn. But if you think nutrition is the most important metric, don’t direct your ire at corn. Turn instead to lettuce.

One of the people I heard from about nutrition is researcher Charles Benbrook. He and colleague Donald Davis developed a nutrient quality index — a way to rate foods based on how much of 27 nutrients they contain. Four of the five lowest-ranking vegetables (by serving size) are salad ingredients: cucumbers, radishes, iceberg lettuce and celery. (The fifth is eggplant.)

Those foods’ nutritional profile can be partly explained by one simple fact: They’re almost all water. Although water figures prominently in just about every vegetable (the sweet potato, one of the least watery, is 77 percent), those four salad vegetables top the list at 95 to 97 percent water. A head of iceberg lettuce has the same water content as a bottle of Evian (1-liter size: 96 percent water, 4 percent bottle) and is only marginally more nutritious.

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  • Take collard greens. They are 90 percent water, which still sounds like a lot. But it means that, compared with lettuce, every pound of collard greens contains about twice as much stuff that isn’t water, which, of course, is where the nutrition lives. But you’re also likely to eat much more of them, because you cook them. A large serving of lettuce feels like a bona fide vegetable, but when you saute it (not that I’m recommending that), you’ll see that two cups of romaine cooks down to a bite or two.

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  • The corollary to the nutrition problem is the expense problem. The makings of a green salad — say, a head of lettuce, a cucumber and a bunch of radishes — cost about $3 at my supermarket. For that, I could buy more than two pounds of broccoli, sweet potatoes or just about any frozen vegetable going, any of which would make for a much more nutritious side dish to my roast chicken.

    Lettuce is a vehicle to transport refrigerated water from farm to table. When we switch to vegetables that are twice as nutritious — like those collards or tomatoes or green beans — not only do we free up half the acres now growing lettuce, we cut back on the fossil fuels and other resources needed for transport and storage.

    Save the planet, skip the salad.

    나주출장시▨천안오피░《태백오피걸{카톡: Po 3 4}【Poo3 4.c0M】출장샵예약출장샵강추Y큐◐2019-02-23-09-01태백☰AIJ◑출장서비스보장출장연애인급출장외국인☪출장소이스홍성✌안마┒태백》의정부콜걸출장안마☋영주출장코스가격☱김해출장최고시﹄구미출장샵예약

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  • Salad fools dieters into making bad choices. Lots of what passes for salad in restaurants is just the same as the rest of the calorie-dense diabolically palatable food that’s making us fat, but with a few lettuce leaves tossed in. Next time you order a salad, engage in a little thought experiment: Picture the salad without the lettuce, cucumber and radish, which are nutritionally and calorically irrelevant. Is it a little pile of croutons and cheese, with a few carrot shavings and lots of ranch dressing?

    Call something “salad,” and it immediately acquires what Pierre Chandon calls a “health halo.” Chandon, professor of marketing at INSEAD, an international business school in Fontainebleau, France, says that once people have the idea it’s good for them, they stop paying attention “to its actual nutritional content or, even worse, to its portion size.”하남출장샵강추█나주콜걸강추×《태백출장소이스[카톡: Po 3 4]『Poo3 4.c0M』출장가격출장만남Y☻☣2019-02-23-09-01태백╤AIJ↽콜걸후기출장마사지출장최강미녀╆출장안마⇩출장마사지★태백》광양출장연애인급♟남원안마➳김천출장연애인급➻군산출장최강미녀

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    청주출장연애인급┙부산미시출장안마➹《태백외국인출장만남(카톡: Po 3 4)『Poo3 4.c0M』출장최강미녀미시출장안마Y┠✏2019-02-23-09-01태백┷AIJ⇩오피콜걸만남콜걸출장안마✔출장코스가격♡모텔출장┄태백》제주도출장샵콜걸↶용인콜걸출장마사지┣김제출장오피↖거제오피
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    I won’t be the first to point out that items labeled “salad” at chain restaurants are often as bad, if not worse, than pastas or sandwiches or burgers when it comes to calories. Take Applebee’s, where the Oriental Chicken Salad clocks in at 1,400 calories , and the grilled version is only 110 calories lighter. Even the Grilled Chicken Caesar, the least calorific of the salads on the regular menu, is 800 calories.

    Of course, salad isn’t always a bad choice, and Applebee’s has a selection of special menu items under 550 calories (many chain restaurants have a similar menu category). Applebee’s Thai Shrimp Salad is only 390 calories (although it has more sodium than the Oriental Chicken Salad). Other chains, like relative newcomer 태백안마 , have a good selection of salads that go further toward earning their health halo: more actual vegetables, less fried stuff.

    I asked Bret Thorn, columnist at Nation’s Restaurant News and longtime observer of the restaurant industry, about salads. “Chefs are cognizant of what’s going on in the psychology of diners,” he said. “They’re doing a kind of psychological health washing,” not just with salads, but with labels like “fresh” and “natural,” and foods that are “local” and “seasonal.” “A chef is not a nutritionist, or public health advocate,” Thorn points out. “They make food that customers want to buy.”

    And we want to buy things that are fried or creamy or salty or sweet, or all of those things. Which doesn’t mean that the right salad can’t be a good choice for a nutritious meal. It just means that it’s easy to get snookered.

  • 태백출장여대생《카톡: Po 3 4》《Poo3 4.c0M》모텔출장출장마사지Y♔♮2019-02-23-09-01태백┎AIJ▒출장샵출장코스가격출장연애인급✈출장최강미녀╚출장맛사지⇙태백
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  • 공주출장최강미녀☜서울안마♣《태백출장샵{카톡: Po 3 4}(Poo3 4.c0M)콜걸모텔출장Y┒⇪2019-02-23-09-01태백↸AIJ☻콜걸출장마사지출장아가씨오피걸⇟출장최강미녀☀콜걸업소☻태백》화성출장샵콜걸╠ 구리출장샵콜걸◎과천출장샵후기-김해안마
    태백출장샵예약《카톡: Po 3 4》[Poo3 4.c0M]출장가격출장서비스보장Y★❥2019-02-23-09-01태백☁AIJ☻출장색시미녀언니출장만족보장출장미인아가씨┞콜걸후기┷콜걸샵-태백
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  • 출장안마태백출장맛사지《카톡: Po 3 4》『Poo3 4.c0M』출장몸매최고출장샵추천Y↑☎2019-02-23-09-01태백➽AIJ←출장연애인급출장가격출장소이스♐동출장마사지⊙안마➷태백
  • 태백출장소이스홍성『카톡: Po 3 4』〖Poo3 4.c0M〗릉콜걸샵콜걸출장안마Y╬►2019-02-23-09-01태백┌AIJ⇩흥출장안마출장샵안내출장만족보장☎미시출장안마♀출장샵⇏태백
  • 태백출장샵콜걸{카톡: Po 3 4}{Poo3 4.c0M}안마오피걸Y⇔┛2019-02-23-09-01태백☴AIJ0콜걸출장외국인출장샵후기♟콜걸후기↼콜걸추천↺태백
    서산안마◈성남출장샵↮《태백출장오피【카톡: Po 3 4】【Poo3 4.c0M】출장안마추천출장최고시Y⇘☊2019-02-23-09-01태백╏AIJ┄출장가격출장샵추천출장여대생☼출장소이스홍성⇃콜걸업소◀태백》전라북도출장몸매최고♭사천출장안마★동두천출장몸매최고►나주출장최강미녀
  • 출장대행
  • 안산미시출장안마➺부산출장샵예약포항┫《태백콜걸강추〖카톡: Po 3 4〗《Poo3 4.c0M》출장샵예약포항출장서비스보장Y╌✐2019-02-23-09-01태백◙AIJ☯출장서비스출장소이스홍성출장샵안내☺출장서비스⇢출장만남☒태백》논산콜걸후기✄이천출장아가씨⇚영천출장색시미녀언니┯포항출장미인아가씨전라북도안마➻상주출장안마추천⇅《태백출장샵예약{카톡: Po 3 4}[Poo3 4.c0M]출장최고시출장마사지Y▨┍2019-02-23-09-01태백┆AIJ⇄출장샵출장미인아가씨출장몸매최고⊙출장색시미녀언니♩동출장마사지✿태백》양산오피▥경상남도콜걸추천╗경산출장샵후기큐오산출장아가씨
    서산출장샵예약↕영주출장샵강추│《태백콜걸출장마사지『카톡: Po 3 4』『Poo3 4.c0M』출장샵예약출장시Y┦❣2019-02-23-09-01태백┨AIJ◐출장오피출장서비스출장미인아가씨☜미시출장안마◆출장샵콜걸╘태백》시흥출장여대생⇛김해콜걸추천〓순천콜걸샵¤부천오피
  • 태백출장샵예약[카톡: Po 3 4]《Poo3 4.c0M》출장최강미녀출장시Y☣✙2019-02-23-09-01태백⇘AIJ♥역출장안마흥출장안마콜걸업소┲외국인출장만남↽모텔출장↔태백
  • 남원출장소이스✖목포출장샵예약포항◊《태백오피걸【카톡: Po 3 4】《Poo3 4.c0M》출장아가씨콜걸만남Y↺♕2019-02-23-09-01태백♠AIJ⇆릉콜걸샵콜걸출장샵강추〓콜걸출장안마➹출장샵콜걸☜태백》인천콜걸샵⇈문경콜걸만남╏거제콜걸만남♮창원출장만남
  • 태백출장소이스【카톡: Po 3 4】〖Poo3 4.c0M〗출장연애인급출장샵예약포항Y╋✉2019-02-23-09-01태백▼AIJ✎출장샵안내출장미인아가씨콜걸강추⇥출장마사지┝출장몸매최고↩태백
  • Salad has unfortunate repercussions in our food supply. Lettuce has a couple of No. 1 unenviable rankings in the food world. For starters, it’s the top source of food waste, vegetable division, 24시간대기 . But it’s also the chief culprit for foodborne illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control, green leafies accounted for 태백출장업계위 .

    To be fair, “leafy vegetables,” the CDC category, also includes cabbage, spinach and other kinds of greens, but the reason the category dominates is that the greens are often eaten raw. As in salad.

    of this is to say that salad doesn’t have a role in our food supply. I like salad, and there’s been many a time a big bowl of salad on the dinner table has kept me from a second helping of lasagna. The salads we make at home aren’t the same as the ones we buy in restaurants; according to the recipe app 태백출장외국인 , its collection of lettuce-based salads average 398 calories per serving (although a few do get up into Oriental Chicken territory).

    An iceberg 태백출장시 , with radishes and bacon and blue-cheese dressing, is something I certainly have no plans to give up. But as we look for ways to rejigger our food supply to grow crops responsibly and feed people nutritiously, maybe we should stop thinking about salad as a wholesome staple, and start thinking about it as a resource-hungry luxury.

  • 태백출장서비스보장《카톡: Po 3 4》〖Poo3 4.c0M〗안마오피걸Y┶┏2019-02-23-09-01태백♐AIJ☃출장안마추천출장맛사지콜걸후기╞출장서비스보장⇥출장만족보장〓태백
  • 출장안마
  • 부천콜걸
  • 태백콜걸후기
  • 의왕출장샵추천⇚순천모텔출장♧《태백콜걸출장안마[카톡: Po 3 4][Poo3 4.c0M]릉콜걸샵출장연애인급Y┷◐2019-02-23-09-01태백┷AIJ↷출장코스가격콜걸샵출장오피┃출장소이스홍성☱출장색시미녀언니☌태백》사천출장오피┸거제출장연애인급➢삼척출장최고시╚경상북도콜걸업소성남외국인출장샵태백동출장마사지《카톡: Po 3 4》【Poo3 4.c0M】출장미인아가씨출장여대생Y◙▀2019-02-23-09-01태백╰AIJ✓출장샵강추오피걸오피걸↪출장안마야한곳▨콜걸강추★태백

  • 출장마사지
  • 거제외국인출장샵
  • 충청북도출장샵후기☢밀양출장샵안내♂《태백미시출장안마『카톡: Po 3 4』『Poo3 4.c0M』출장샵후기미시출장안마Y☢✂2019-02-23-09-01태백✐AIJ►출장샵안내출장아가씨출장샵«콜걸♬출장색시미녀언니♫태백》거제출장외국인►김제출장만족보장»남양주출장가격↸파주출장샵예약
    삼척출장샵예약포항☑인천출장소이스홍성‿《태백출장샵[카톡: Po 3 4][Poo3 4.c0M]출장오피출장오쓰피걸Y☪┌2019-02-23-09-01태백✲AIJ┣출장색시미녀언니콜걸추천콜걸샵┖출장업소 출장몸매최고⇜태백》진해출장연애인급☀공주콜걸업소┌아산출장가격⇢익산출장샵
  • 태백출장샵안내
  • 성남외국인출장샵
  • 태백미시출장안마{카톡: Po 3 4}『Poo3 4.c0M』출장샵강추역출장안마Y▥╨2019-02-23-09-01태백⇪AIJ➧콜걸출장안마출장여대생출장안마추천┋콜걸☀콜걸업소ⓥ태백
  • 태백출장외국인《카톡: Po 3 4》《Poo3 4.c0M》콜걸후기출장샵콜걸Y☆⇔2019-02-23-09-01태백⇥AIJ✤출장소이스홍성출장소이스홍성출장업소♀모텔출장▦출장색시미녀언니♪태백
  • 태백릉콜걸샵
  • 구리오피➳통영출장안마야한곳▩《태백콜걸출장마사지[카톡: Po 3 4](Poo3 4.c0M)출장코스가격콜걸출장안마Y⇚▧2019-02-23-09-01태백✐AIJ┪출장아가씨출장미인아가씨출장샵예약포항☌콜걸출장마사지▲출장최강미녀☎태백》인천출장서비스보장-성남출장소이스홍성↷용인외국인출장만남➽남원출장몸매최고



  • 태백흥출장안마
  • 애인대행
  • 태백외국인출장만남《카톡: Po 3 4》〖Poo3 4.c0M〗흥출장안마출장소이스Y⇥♭2019-02-23-09-01태백┌AIJ↷출장안마야한곳출장마사지출장샵후기⇡출장샵강추☁모텔출장╩태백
  • 태백출장여대생(카톡: Po 3 4){Poo3 4.c0M}출장코스가격콜걸출장안마Y♩┍2019-02-23-09-01태백↚AIJ«출장샵후기출장연애인급출장만남┽콜걸만남╯출장외국인↴태백
  • 대전출장샵⊙대전출장안마⊙《태백출장최강미녀{카톡: Po 3 4}(Poo3 4.c0M)안마출장소이스Y╨☶2019-02-23-09-01태백⇞AIJ✈출장샵예약출장업계위오피걸╆릉콜걸샵♠출장업소✙태백》제주도출장소이스홍성☵고양콜걸후기♡평택출장연애인급┎논산동출장마사지
  • 의정부출장안마
  • 밀양콜걸출장마사지↷경상북도콜걸샵☣《태백출장맛사지{카톡: Po 3 4}{Poo3 4.c0M}출장샵예약포항출장시Y▒☪2019-02-23-09-01태백┎AIJ♩출장업계위릉콜걸샵출장연애인급U출장샵콜걸◑출장안마야한곳™태백》김포출장최강미녀↼순천모텔출장↝속초출장샵안내⇏익산출장샵콜걸광명오피걸태백콜걸출장마사지(카톡: Po 3 4)『Poo3 4.c0M』출장연애인급콜걸업소Y•⇟2019-02-23-09-01태백‿AIJ❁출장샵추천출장샵후기출장색시미녀언니☑출장최고시♥출장샵예약포항⇚태백태백출장안마야한곳{카톡: Po 3 4}(Poo3 4.c0M)안마콜걸강추Y┏↴2019-02-23-09-01태백♗AIJ웃콜걸업소출장샵예약포항출장최강미녀↥출장오쓰피걸◆흥출장안마⇇태백
  • 애인대행
  • 안양미시출장안마☼안산출장외국인ⓥ《태백출장샵후기{카톡: Po 3 4}{Poo3 4.c0M}출장서비스출장샵예약포항Y☜♯2019-02-23-09-01태백◐AIJ◘콜걸후기콜걸업소안마➥출장서비스보장•오피걸.태백》충청남도출장가격▐제천미시출장안마╌삼척출장외국인╔평택출장마사지

  • 태백콜걸업소『카톡: Po 3 4』〖Poo3 4.c0M〗출장소이스홍성콜걸후기Y☞⇩2019-02-23-09-01태백囍AIJ✍출장맛사지출장미인아가씨흥출장안마☆출장색시미녀언니▣출장최강미녀⇞태백
  • 남원콜걸강추➸목포출장안마↺《태백출장연애인급〖카톡: Po 3 4〗(Poo3 4.c0M)출장업소출장몸매최고Y▪✃2019-02-23-09-01태백✕AIJ↾오피걸출장연애인급동출장마사지╚릉콜걸샵⇦출장소이스↞태백》대구역출장안마❣대구콜걸출장안마┏광명콜걸추천❀대구콜걸태백출장만남『카톡: Po 3 4』《Poo3 4.c0M》오피걸출장안마추천Y⇄║2019-02-23-09-01태백♖AIJ☳콜걸업소출장소이스홍성출장여대생☐안마┠콜걸후기♂태백경상북도출장아가씨☼부산출장샵콜걸╥《태백출장업계위〖카톡: Po 3 4〗【Poo3 4.c0M】출장안마야한곳출장최강미녀Y⇃☟2019-02-23-09-01태백➛AIJ⊙안마출장샵안내출장연애인급⇥출장최고시↩콜걸강추■태백》수원출장샵추천♖안산출장아가씨↓광명출장샵┻통영출장마사지
  • 태백출장샵예약포항
  • 태백콜걸(카톡: Po 3 4)《Poo3 4.c0M》모텔출장오피걸Y♜╤2019-02-23-09-01태백£AIJ♀출장여대생출장연애인급출장안마↚출장미인아가씨┑출장소이스☠태백
  • 오산출장오쓰피걸★포천출장업소↼《태백출장샵예약포항[카톡: Po 3 4]『Poo3 4.c0M』외국인출장만남출장만남Y⊕↝2019-02-23-09-01태백♖AIJ☀오피오피걸콜걸⇊안마✕출장소이스♥태백》춘천콜걸강추★익산콜걸추천☆고양출장연애인급♬여수출장샵안내